Introduction: How to Build a Taser for Free

This is a very easy, very fast and not to mention FREE way to build a "taser".

Step 1: Parts


- Disposable Camera - You can get a free*, used disposable camera anywhere film is developed


- Soldering Iron
- Copper wire
- Electrical tape

*I've gotten all of mine for free, but I've heard of other people spending up to a quarter for each camera.

Step 2: Take It Apart

Tear the camera apart. Don't worry about breaking it (it was free!!), all you need is the circuit.

Step 3: Charge It Up

Stick the battery from the camera in the back of the circuit (Get the polarity right). You might want to use electrical tape to secure it because it tends to fall out.

Then hold the button for a few seconds. You should hear a high-pitched whine. When the whine stops your capacitor is charged.

Stay clear of all the metal parts when the battery is in, or when it is charged. You might even want to electrical tape over all but the capacitor contacts.

Step 4: Have Fun

Test your new taser one something/someone by touching it/them with both capacitor contacts.

Most capacitors are charged from 300 to 360 volts with very low amps (didn't even register on my multimeter) so you dont need to worry about hurting anyone too bad (I've been shocked quite a few times).

If you want, you can even take out the capacitor and solder wires in its place. The voltage stays the same and the shock is constant (as opposed to the quick discharge of the capacitor), but it doesn't hurt quite as bad. I think the trade is worth it. It will still make your arm twitch pretty good.