Introduction: How to Build a Vibrobot

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this is my first instructable and it may not be very good.
i got the idea from a comment of a video asking for the instructions of how to build it.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

You will need:
a philips head screwdriver
1 servo pushrod
1 Operation game
long-nose pliers
wire cutters
speaker wire
on/of switch
2 AA bateries
and a soldering iron

I didn't use a soldering iron because my one broke

Step 2: Take Out the Motor From the Operation Game

Here you take out the motor from the operation game.
If you look on the bottom, you will see a black box where you put the batteries in.
Take that of and unscrew the top panel, cut the wires and pull the motor out with the pliers.
the pads are for padding so the motor won't move around.

Step 3: Setting Up the Controller

When the case is empty, where the battery terminals are,there should be two pins which had the wires on them before, solder the speeker wires on them and add a swich in a series circut then you should have tho wuires coming off where you connect the motor.

Step 4: Adding the Motor

Now connect the motor to the spare wires.
now if you do it right the motor will spin.
remember it has a weight so it will vibrate.

Step 5: Making the Body

OK, now get the servo pushrod and with your wire-cutters cut two lengths and make both ends right-angled Z's.
Tape them to the botom of the motor tightly so they won't slide.
now bend the legs looking from the top outwards slighly so it is in a X shape.

Step 6: Finishing

instead of using the servo pushrod you can use the metal sheeting from the operation game.
Now when your finished, decorate it or not, you don't have to but you can if you want.
put the batteries in and test it.
you might have to bend the legs so they are all touching the ground.