How to Catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Silver

Introduction: How to Catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Silver

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Want some new members on your team in Silver?

This is my first intructable on this account, which means it's the 4th.

Step 1: Buy Pokeballs

You can find Pokeballs at many Pokemarts. You can buy the old crappy Pokeballs, or Ultra Balls....Catching rate depends on the Balls you use, so pack some fairly good ones.

Step 2: Find a Wild Pokemon

There's plenty of Pokemon to see in Silver. Make sure you catch Rares and Event Onlys, like the Tree/Rock type Pokemon.

Step 3: Battle

Go into your Bag and go to BALL POCKET and use your Pokeball. Sometimes Pokemon can be caught first try (Even on full health), but sometimes you need to do damage to it.

Step 4: Done!

You have now caught a Pokemon that is now a part of your team. Yay!

Hope this helped anyone who didn't listen to the tutorial in the game....

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    4 years ago

    My first game was Silver, so I did read the tutorial.

    Good tutorial though

    Braza Rayquaza11
    Braza Rayquaza11

    6 years ago

    Like it! Cool to see some fans of early poke mobs games still out there!


    6 years ago

    Sweet! Great instructable. Pokemon Silver sounds cool - I am pretty into all the old Pokemon games.