Introduction: How to Clean Graphite Off of a Keyboard

So here was my dilemma. I was extracting the graphite rods out of two carbon-zinc batteries for my instant cooling soldering iron. I was putting the gray powdery stuff (I think it was graphite) that’s around the graphite rod in a plastic bin. When the unthinkable happened, I spilled the gray stuff all over my brand new apple keyboard. I was like oh well there’s probably a tutorial on Instructables for this. To my surprise there wasn’t.

I tried alcohol and a cotton swab but that didn't pick up much. So I thought I and my keyboard were doomed. Then one day I realized A PENCIL! It’s uses graphite and it uses an eraser to remove the graphite from the object u are writing on. So I tried the eraser and voila magic the graphite was coming off. So if you ever get graphite on your favorite or brand new keyboard use a pencil eraser and it will come right off.  This mite work for other substances.