Introduction: How to Comb Your Hair Like a Real Man...

Any self respecting geek, nerd, dork, reject, etc., should find this one very intriguing. The ladies love it, too.

It is... How to comb your hair with a processor.

Step 1: Find a Processor

Find a processor and grasp it in your fingers. Do not let go, as you will need this for later steps. If you can not find a computer processor, tear one out of your local computer. Note that this may damage things.

Step 2: Comb

Retrieve processor previously stored in your fingers. Move the processor to a place where you have hair. Often most places do not require combing. Place contacts of the processor into the hair, to rest on the skin that the hair grows out of. Pull back through the hair.

Step 3: Information

This is my third Instructable, second published. It is definitely meant as groundbreaking information.