Introduction: How to Cook a Chinese Dumpling!

I cook the Chinese dumpling!

It is the meat juicy and tender.

Let's cook it!

Step 1: Prepare Cabbage

Use five pieces of cabbage.

Step 2: Diced

The cabbage need to be diced.

Step 3: Prepare a White Leek

Prepare a white leek.

Step 4: Diced, Too

The leek need to be diced, too.

Step 5: Prepare Ground Pork

Prepare ground pork.

Step 6: Season

Season with soy sauce, sesame oil.

Step 7: Mix

Mix it well.

Step 8: Like This

Like this!!

Step 9: Prepare Dumpling Skins

Wrap meat in dumpling skins.

Step 10: Wrap Meat

Wrap meat in dumpling skins.

Step 11: Like This

Finished preparing the Chinese dumpling for cooking.

Step 12: Fry

Fry it!!

Step 13: You Finished!!

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