Introduction: How to Create a Scrap Book Page(s)

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We are going to go over five steps to make your page perfect! there is images, steps, and personality thrown into this! so be Prepared, hit the stores, and lets get started!

Objects needed, are things like, glue, scissors of your choice ( a variety is good), stickers, pictures, paper, colors, markers, and anything else you think is necessary.!.!

Step 1: Finding the Right Page Style, and Size!!!

  • Finding the right page

    • to find the right page for your background, you will want to go to either the scrap booking isle in walmart, or a scrap booking store near by. Make sure you have found all that you want and need.

    • Next choose your style, any color, any pattern. For mine I chose just plain white, mostly beacuse its versital, and all colors go with it.

Step 2: How to Find the Right Styles, Decorations, and More...

  • finding the decorations, what kind of stickers, markers, scissors, etc...

    • You can find these almost any where. I found that finding the right stickers and stuff is all in how you want the page to look.

    • I found mine at Walmart in the scrap booking isle, but you can find them really at any sctap booking place

Step 3: Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures...

  • pictures!

    • You don't necessarily want more than like four or five pictures on the page, depending on the size of the paper. My paper is a little larger than a normal piece of paper so that it will fit into my scrap book. This kind of paper is in Walmart for sure in the scrap booking isle. But it could also be in the scrap book stores, but I have not recently checked.

    • Choose the right pictures, you don't really want pictures that are different, or in different categories.

    • Make sure the pictures look good and match well with one another.

Step 4: Layout!!!

  • Layout

    • get it so that you can put everything on in the way you want it. You don't want to much, just enough to make it cute. Also remember this is mostly your style, I'm just giving you the steps.

    • Next put everything on there without it being glued so you know that you are going to like it that way, you can rearrange this more than ten even twenty times if you would like.

    • Make it special, if you are gonna give the scrap book to someone else, make it about them and their style, if its just for you and your family, make it about you and your family.

    • Get the layout to be your style. My layout choice is my own design that I have made personally for this scrap book.

Step 5: Finishing Things Up.

  • Finally!

    • For the last step, glue it all on! After you have decided how you want the layout to look, glue it, put the finishing touches on, and show it off!

      to finish off, place glue, tape, stapple or whatever floats your boat. if you want yours to look kinds like mine, just follow the pictures!