Introduction: How to Do a French Braid

This is how your french braid should look when your finished

Step 1: Brush Hair

Before you start to do the French braid, you need to brush the persons hair to make sure that there are no knots.

Step 2: Start Braiding

Once you finish brushing the persons hair, tilt their head back and take a big piece of hair from the front of their head, and divide it into three pieces.

Step 3: Starting the Braid

Once you divide it into three pieces, take the right outside strand, and bring it into the middle. Them take the left outside stand and bring it into the middle.

Step 4: The Complicated Part

Once you partly braid the hair, you need to start adding hair to the braid. You need to take a piece of hair that is loose, and add it to the right outside strand of hair. After you have them mixed together, bring all of it into the middle. You should do the same for the rest of your hair.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Once there is no more hair to put into the braid, all you need to do is normally braid the leftover hair. Then once you have to more hair to braid tie the hair tie at the very bottom of the braid, then you are done.

Step 6: Video

This is the youtube video that I created on my Youtube channel.