Introduction: Nazi Zombies Multiple Weapon Glitch

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In this instructable i will be showing you the two easiest ways of doing this glich -

- First method
Includes random box

- Second method
Uses wall mounted guns

( i dont have any pics of the game but i've drawn some up to explain it - its extreamly simple anyway )

Step 1: Method One - Random Box

This is an Instructable based on shi no numa , but the method will work on other maps too .

First you need to get the random box to have respawned in one of the outer buildings -

use the box to get a weapon , but instead of swapping it out
( see image below to see what I mean )
buy the perk - WHILE THE BOTTLE IS STILL IN YOUR HAND get your weapon - after the time it would take you to drop the bottle you will switch back to whatever weapon you had equipped at the time.

you will now have three weapons!!!

Step 2: Method Two - Wall Mounts

This method is VERY VERY simple and easy to get the hang of.

First of all , buy your perk , but - same as the other one - while the bottle is still in your hand , buy your weapon off the wall. - easy huh?