Introduction: How to Draw a Dragonfly

Here you can learn step-by-step how to draw a top view of a dragonfly.

Step 1: Thorax

Draw a big, medium, and small circle on top of each other (like a skinny snowman).

Step 2: Wings

Starting about halfway down the middle oval, draw a long, upward curving line coming out of each side. Draw two more upward curving lines coming out of the bottom oval.

Step 3: Wings

Connect the ends of the top lines to the top circle to create the top wings. Connect the bottom lines to the bottom of the top wings (about a third away from the body).

Step 4: Head

Draw a curved line over the top of the body, touching both of the top wings. Next, draw a larger curved line over that one, connecting to the ends of the previous line, to create the head. On the very top, add a very small curved line.

Step 5: Abdomen

Draw two bowl shapes in the head to create the eyes. Then draw the abdomen by making two long lines coming out of the bottom of the thorax, connected by a curve (it will look like a very long, skinny letter U).

Step 6: Abdomen

Draw curved, horizontal lines going down the abdomen to give the appearance of segments.

Step 7: Legs

Draw two legs coming out from under the top wings and two legs coming out from under the bottom wings.

Step 8: Wing Segments

You could stop following the tutorial here and decorate the wings however you'd like (if you want them to have swirls or a more design-y look). To make more realistic wings, you will need to divide them into several segments. Start with round segments (as shown in the picture).

Step 9: Wing Segments

Create striped segments following the shapes of the wings.

Step 10: Wing Segments

Finally, you're going to fill in the wings with smaller, almost scale-like segments.

Step 11: Finished

When you're finished drawing your dragonfly, you can color it with any colors you like!