How to Easily Fold the Perfect Bath Towel

Introduction: How to Easily Fold the Perfect Bath Towel

I believe this is the simplest, easiest, and most presentable way to fold a bath towel. This fold allows the towels to be stacked and stored without coming undone. 

Step 1: Starting the Fold

Fold the towel in half horizontally. Lay it down.

Step 2: Second Half

Half the towel a second time, closing it like a book from right to left.

Step 3: Third Half

Take right half and fold to middle from right to left.

Step 4: Last Step

Now, fold it the same way as in the previous step. 

Step 5: Complete!

Now it is done! Try folding the rest of your towels in the same fashion and notice how easy they are to store and stack now.

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