Introduction: How to Fit a Pair of High Heels With Sugru - Self-setting Rubber

Ever have a pair of heels that the bottoms of the spikes have worn off?  I have a cute pair thatI couldn't throw away but couldn't think of a way to fix.  Even tried to get my man to fix but he was stumped too.  I got an idea when I bought some Sugru self setting rubber.  It went on sale in the instructables shop - and I had been wanting to try it on something so I bought some.  

Well - I think it worked out pretty well - though Tommy - my man - says I shouldn't post it until I saw how durable it was.  I decided to post it anyways - how durable are high heels anyhow.  I only wear them when I know that my man will sweep me off my feet ...

Hope it helps - and let me know how long the fix lasts.

:)  Teresa

Step 1: Find the Shoes That Need Repair. Get Some Sugru.

The instructables store sells Sugru.  I got it for 50% off.  It is pretty expensive.  Maybe shop around to find it cheaper ....

Step 2: Another View of the Worn Out Heels.

Step 3:

Pick the color of Sugru that best matches your heels.
I picked black.
I pulled off a quarter-sized or slightly larger piece and rolled it into a ball.
I pressed the ball to the bottom of the heel and rubbed it up the sides so it would stick to the sides of the heel.
I left most of the material on the bottom of the heel and shaped it by setting the shoe upright and gently pushing it down on the table so it flattened the bottom.
I shaped the sides of the Sugru up the shoes again and repeated the flattening of the bottom.
I repeated the process for the other shoe.
I did another round of shaping until the heels on the two shoes looked about the same.
I put the shoes heels up on a bookshelf to harden overnight.

Sorry forgot to take pictures of the steps and I am too cheap to open another packet of Sugru until I have something to fix.  But this is so easy that I don't think you really need pictures.  Besides you are just trying to cover the bottom of the heels and make them look like you want them to - you are the expert!

Step 4: The Fixed Heels - 24 Hrs Later.

Whola!  The finished product.  I think they look pretty good.  Good enough for me to wear on a night out.

But what would I do differently next time?  See the next step.

Step 5: What I Would Do Better Next Time ...

Well, if you look closely the two heels are not as similar as they could be.  So next time I would spend more time making them look the same.  And maybe more level on the bottom (though they felt good walking around).

Also, next time I will clean the heels.  Look at those mud stains!  Or spread the Sugru higher to cover the mud stains.  That would have looked cool probably.

Also, I think I should have put more Sugru on the walking end - it is pretty soft and may wear pretty quick.  

But a test walk around the house felt good.  Good traction.  Nice and quiet.  But it did look like it wore some.

So thicker on the bottom next time and more time shaping.

Step 6: Gotta Run - Just Got Invited to a Ball ...

OK, not really.  But I am ready for an invitation now.  

Hope you enjoyed this instructable.

And maybe it will let an instructable sister get more mileage from a pair of heels ...

:)  Teresa