Introduction: How to Fix a Flip Flop

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They always break in the same place and i hate throwing them away. I know they're only like $1 (actually i found mine tangled among some bullshit in the James River) but whatever, why replace everything all the time?

Fixing this took maybe 3 minutes- let's learn a new thing!

Step 1: Hey What Happened?

The little stopper that holds the strap to the front underside broke off my flip flops.

As you've definitely already realized, i'm posting this in October and live in Rhode Island- so why do i care about this right now? Because flip flops are great indoor winterwear because they keep the cold floor separate from the feet without having to be trapped inside slippers or socks. In fact, i found i stay warmer indoors when i wear a hood or hat, sweater, pants, and flip flops. Something about being able to feel the cold air.

Anyway, drill a hole across the end of the peg, above where the stopper that broke off used to be. By peg i mean the thing that goes between your toes.

Step 2: Add a Thing

I used a short piece of wire (16 gauge i think). First i pinched it in half with pliers, with the middle fold allowed to stay a little wider so it doesn't slip out.
(The finished wire ends up being shaped like a fish- perfect for the flip flop theme!)

So, holding the fish head with one set of pliers, the free ends were bent apart using another set of pliers. Great you're done!
Also, the extra 1/8" of peg at the end keeps the wire far enough away so that it doesn't scratch the floor.