Introduction: How to Fix a Pop'ed Nike Air Bubble

So you got a favorite pair of air maxes or 6.0's that pop'ed? after lots of contemplation i came up with the perfect fix! This works better with heal-only air shoes, and ones that aren't 100% see through like the air max 360. I did this with a year old pair of encore 6.0's

Step 1: Lift Up Insole

Its self explanatory. It will be any color but most likely white, with stitching on the sides.

Step 2: Cutting Out Footbed

cut an oval in the footbed  about the six of the air bubble, leave at least 1/6th of an inch from the side and rear stitching.

Step 3: Pull!!!

pull and fight it, pry with the knife but be careful. keep going over the cut until an oval chunk comes up.

Step 4: Stuff It

Theres going to be this white layer that may be wet, it is not a clam. Its the air itself and being its pop'ed is should have no resistance, build up a layer of recycled paper (must be recycled, for eco-karma). 

Step 5: Test and Adjust

replace the footbed  "panel" and insole and test and add/remove paper as necessary.

Step 6: End Note

After a month or so check to make sure paper is dry, and specially after getting the shoe wet. In theory you can crazy glue the panel back on and the hole if you can find it, but then its not adjustable if you find you need to adjust it.