Introduction: How to Fix Up Your Daffodils

How to thicken up your Daffodils.

Step 1: Clearing Out the Dead Stuff

I call this clearing out the junk. you literally pull off the dead leaves. it's easy to tell the dead from the live, green=live, brown or yellow=dead. Pulling off the dead leaves stimulates new growth! Also they look so much better and healthier all green.

Step 2: The Seed Pods

See the brown thing at the end of the stem? That's a seed pod! They're filled with these tiny shiny black seeds. Take off the seed pod and crack it open to get the seeds, I recommend having a bag or something to empty the seeds into, those little suckered super easy to drop.

Step 3: The Seeds

Now that you've collected them drop them down into the center of the plant! its that easy, and while yes, the seeds can drop naturally doing it yourself ensures that the seeds go where you want them and not eaten by some wild animal. The seeds will grow and help thicken up the plants for the next year.

Step 4: Pull Off the Dead Stems

These come off super easy, and help to stimulate growth and make your plant look better.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Keep these steps up and year by year you Daffodils will grow even more beautiful!