How to Get Deodorant Off Your Clothes!!



Introduction: How to Get Deodorant Off Your Clothes!!

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This Instructable will show you a quick & easy way to get deodorant off your clothes

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Step 1: Grab a Dryer Sheet

1. Grab a dryer sheet

  • An unused dryer sheet works best
  • If you can not find one, a used one should work as well

Step 2: Shape Dryer Sheet

1. Fold the dryer sheet in half once

2. Fold it in half again

Step 3: Remove Deodorant

1. Lay the article of clothing you wish to remove the stain from on a flat surface

2. Hold the dryer sheet in one hand

3. Hold the article of clothing flat with your other hand

4. Rub the dryer sheet on the deodorant stain vigorously

  • Repeat until the deodorant stain is completely gone

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