Introduction: How to Get an Android Game With Your Message or Name Carved on It.

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Hi everybody. Most of you must have thought about giving someone a precious gift or to show off in front of your friends. And most of you wouldn't like to spend a single penny on most of the things so this is completely free. Wether if you like to send someone a message or if your friend is a gamer type , then you can send him/her a carved game on which your message will be displayed. You choose to make it private or distributive ! If you are a sort of blogger and you run a website and want to share the message of peace or any other , you can also share your message via the game carving service. In that way, the users will be more attracted. So let's begin.

Step 1: The Service

The service which does this carving full for free is , recently the owner published a service on his tech website and so it's pretty cool ! The service is only applied on their own games for Windows and Android ! The names of the games you can get your name carved on are Bloxorge The Game and MENEKULES by Vision.Inc. If you wanna send someone a game for their windows PC then you will only get Bloxorge but if you wanna send someone on Android then there is choice between MENEKULES and Bloxorge. So there service is simple and is a new and free and they support you in every way. If you have more questions regarding the service you can simply contact them to get assistance.

Step 2: Ordering

You can order your copy by just visiting and scroll to down and fill the information form. If you don't understand the correct ways of filling then it's okay. It's all simple and clear and even you can get live assistance from Vision.Inc on WhatsApp (+92300-9204271). After completing the form , you will be redirected to a thank you page and so you can go back then or just simply go to the home page. Normally the order is delivered within two days but due to the heavy orders , they might deliver your order after two days or etc... And make sure you check your email because exactly after the order is delivered , the link will be expired within 24 hours.

Step 3: The End

So thanks for a look and make sure you try the service. If you have any question or enquiry regarding the service then please contact Vision.Inc.