Introduction: How to Get Friend Safaris

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Many people don't know about the wonderful addition to Gen 6 of the Friend Safari or how to access them. Well in

this Instructable I wil tell you what the benefits are and how you can get one! A friend Safari is a Small patch of grass

in a fenced area that contains three specific Pokemon. The chance of finding a Hidden Ability, or Shiny Pokemon is

lot higher in the friend safari. Each Persons friend safari is almost completely unique! So first I'll cover the basics,

you need to have beaten the Elite Four and the Champion, upgraded your Mega Ring, (Do this by going to Anistar

City and talking to Prof. Sycamore at the sundial.) And gone to Lumiose Station and gotten your TMV pass. Once you

have completed all these tasks, go to the TMV station and ride it to Kiloude City. Go to the far left and then up. You

will find a building with a Safari ball on the front, go inside and Voila! There's one more catch, to access someone's

Friend Safari you have to have registered there Friend code. Which is why I have decided to make this Instructable double as a FC exchange!

My FC is = 1822 - 1090 - 6698

My Friend Safari is Fighting type with Pancham, Hitmonlee, and (I forgot)

Just comment your's and add mine and once I add you, you can access my Safari!

Well, that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!