Introduction: How to Get Unlimited Energy Sword Ammo in Halo 2

You're in the middle of a battle, playing on Legendary. You are trying to get the Black Eye Skull, and a Brute appears. You pull out your sword, and it's out of ammo! :( Well, I can fix that for you, without having to get a new sword every two minutes or modding the game.

Step 1: Hunting Down a Sword

Although getting a sword seems easy in the early levels, it becomes harder in the later levels exept for " The Great Journey" becuase there are swords everywhere, Any way getting back on track, For this glitch you need some : Skill, Quick reflexes, A LOT of grenades, And any weapon fully loaded with maxuimum ammo.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Things

Although this glitch can be done with any weapon I suggest you do it with the: Needler, Carbine, or any human weapons. (becuase when you pick up covenant weapons such as the: Beam Rifle, Plasma Pistol or Rifle, Sentinel beam, and any weapons that work in battery units) The reason that I say that is: With manual reload weapons you actualy know how much ammo you have left. 

Step 3: Getting the Infinite Usage

follow my instructions and you will have an Energy sword that you can use as much as you like. Beware, it does not look as cool as a normal Energy sword.
1. Get an Energy sword and spam the thing until it is empty
2. Make sure you do not use your secondary (And make sure it is fully loaded and has maximum reloads as I chose to use a Plasma Rifle this one time on "Quarantine zone" on legendary, and got y a** kicked)
3. Do not drop it because the hard drive on your Xbox (or 360) will still class it as an empty weapon and will not let you pick it up again
4. Now MLG your oppenents and release your inner n00b