How to Have a Huge Wedding

Introduction: How to Have a Huge Wedding

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I've been married for 16 years. We had a huge (over 400) wedding planned.

My wife almost had a stroke trying to plan it.

Then we basically cancelled it, and had 34 people at our wedding.

We remember every face. And it's amazing how many people you think will be in your life that just fade away.

Need more proof? (This is part humor... Part truth).

Step 1: How Much a Wedding Costs

Even if you are planning to go cheaper... They are still expensive.

Step 2: What Else Can You Do With the Money?

Lots of great stuff. Buying a home is probably the most grown-up thing.

Step 3: But We Want to Get Married

You are still married if 400 people don't witness the event.

You can get married locally and go to Vegas. Or take the close family with you and get married there.

Step 4: But Our Friends Will Hate Us

Eventually most of them will probably hate you anyways.

Half your friends will be gone in seven years. So really... Why spend money on those punks?

This may speed up the 7 year process, saving you even more time wasted on friends.

It's a win win.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hahaha I love this. It sounds so pessimistic, it's great! Being someone that just got married (a month and a day ago) we opted for a smaller wedding (about 60 - mostly family). I completely agree, it was still quite pricey but nowhere near 10,000 even. We got it all done for around 4000 between the two of us and that's including rings and honeymoon.


    Reply 7 years ago

    First of all congratulations!
    Over the years we have talked to tons of couples who had small weddings like ours. Not one has ever said they wish their wedding had been bigger.

    I actually was looking at the "wedding" contest thinking what do I know about weddings. So that's what started this. Lol. I admit I still don't know much.

    I missed the contest. But I still think it's decent advice.