Introduction: How to Hit Forehands Like Roger Federer

As Roger Federer is now holding 16 Grand Slam titles and a career grand slam under his belt, to be honest, everyone reading this probably wants to be him. So I have set up this instructable for you to get the best forehand you can get in the game.

Step 1: 1. Grip

Roger Federer uses an eastern forehand grip with both his heelpad and his index knuckle resting on the 3rd bevel of the tennis racket when he hits forehands.

Step 2: 2. Swing

Practise getting the hang of the swing below this step....


-Now... look at some slow motion videos of him hitting forehands and try copying the motion he does as air swing.

-Now try dropping the ball and hitting like him with the same sort of swing.

-Now try it against a wall.

-Now try it with a ball machine/guy throwing balls to you.

-Now try it in a practice match against a player who is better than you.

Hopefully mastering all of these steps will get you a good forehand like Roger's in a competitive match.

Step 3: 3. Footwork

Things you must do to achieve great footwork like Darth Federer:

1. Learn to get into a 'triangle' position with your feet (keep and be on your toes) and move with the foot closest to the ball all the time.

2. Watch the ball, keep your eye on the ball, whatever you want to say it like... but this is important. KEEP YOUR EYES AND MIND FOCUSED ON THAT BALL!

3. Federer is light on his feet and moves around ALOT

Step 4: 4. Gear

Roger Federer's stick of choice, the Wilson Six One Tour BLX

His strings, Champions Choice (Luxilon Alu Power Rough and Wilson Natural Gut 16 mixed)

And finally, his grip (I LOVE IT!!!). The better-than-ever Wilson Pro Overgrips- White