Introduction: How to Make Miss La Sen Party Hat

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Miss La Sen is the hero in the Sorim story boardgame, some cartoon clips, comic books and Miss La Sen spring rolls. This character is so nice, cute and some people in Asia use this icon to wear like a protective and lucky charm.

Step 1: Download the Pattern and Print It Out in A2 Size Paper.

Step 2: Or You Can Use the Printable Pattern.

Step 3: Cut Out the Pattern and Draw It on the Piece of Foam.

Step 4: Roll It Into the Cone Shape and Use the Glue-gun to Glue the Two Ends Together to Make a Hat.

Step 5: Cut Out the Head of Miss La Sen and Draw It on the Foam

Step 6: Cut Out the Pink Headband

Step 7: Cut Out the Blue Bow

Step 8: Glue the Pink Headband Onto the Head

Step 9: Glue the Bow Onto the Headband.

Step 10: Glue the Flower on Her Right Ear.

Step 11: Glue Her Mouth Onto Her Head.

Step 12: Glue Her Eyes Onto Her Face

Step 13: Glue Her Cheeks Onto Her Face.

Step 14: Glue Whole the Head Onto the Hat.

Step 15: Use the Zinc String to Twist the Christmas String

Step 16: Glue the String Onto the Top of the Hat

Step 17: Glue the Christmas String Onto the Bottom of the Hat.

Done. You have the Miss La Sen party hat for your kid.

Step 18: Done. You Have Miss La Sen Party Hat.