Introduction: Miss La Sen Minion Lantern

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You can make a Miss La Sen Minion Lantern for your kid simply and easily.

Step 1: Download This Pattern for Miss La Sen Minion Lantern.

Step 2: Print It in A2 Size Paper. Use the Foam, Glue Gun, Pencil and Scissors to Make the Lantern.

Step 3: Cut 2A Sample Like the Picture.

Step 4: Use the Pencil to Draw Pattern 2A ( the Body) Onto the Orange Foam. Cut 2 Pieces.

Step 5: Cut 2 Brackets (5C) Onto the Foam.

Step 6: Cut the Bottom.

Step 7: Cut the Pants ( 6X)

Step 8: Cut the Glasses.

Step 9: Use a Glue Gun to Stick the Pants to the Body.

Step 10: Glue the Lenses, Pupils, Gloves and Glasses As Shown.

Step 11: Draw the Mouth.

Step 12: Using a Punching Tool, Punch 4 Holes As Shown.

Step 13: Insert the 12N, 12 M Arrows on the Bracket Into the Bottom 15M, 15N Holes.

Step 14: Insert the Arrows at the Bottom of the Remaining Bracket Into the Other 2 Holes of the Bottom.

Step 15: Glue 2 Pieces of Sample 2A Into the Bottom.

Step 16: After Glueing.

Step 17: Insert 2 Arrows 14N, 14M at Bracket Into the Corresponding Perforated Hole on Body-sample 2A

Do the same with the other bracket.

Step 18: Glue the Ends of the 2 Bracket Together.

Step 19: You Can Use Glass Paper to Glue Inside of the Oval Hole to Let Light Shine Through This Oval Hole.

Cut black shoes and glue on the body of the lantern like the picture.

Step 20: You Can Draw a Picture of Miss La Sen on Minion's Shirt. Done. You Have the Lantern.