Introduction: How to Make ZOMBIE HANDS for Halloween


Here is a Halloween make-up tutorial (life hack).Halloween came to us from West and it becomes more and more popular. You've been invited to Halloween party by your friends, and you wonder which look to choose and how to do a make-up. You're running out of time, and there's no chance to sew a suit, and it's expensive to buy it. You loose yourself in musing. Do a decorative make-up for Halloween and you're going to have an unusual look.

Step 1: ​To Do Such Make-up You Need!!!

To do such make-up you need:
- tone foundation
- white glue
- paint of dark colors (black, gray, brown, dark-green, dark-red)
- paper towels
- brushes.

Step 2: Make-up!!!

Step 3: How to Make ZOMBIE HANDS for Halloween!!!

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