Introduction: How to Make a Bookmark From a Chipmunk

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Some might find this awesome, some might find this gross, and some might find it both! And you are right, but it is sure cool to have a chipmunk pelt as a bookmark! It is easy to do and fun. The pelt is very soft and durable. I call it the outdoorsman's bookmark. So let's get started.

You need:

  • A Rat Trap
  • Bait like seeds or popcorn
  • A sharp knife
  • Salt
  • A small piece of card board
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Disinfectant spray (optional)

Note: There are laws regarding trapping chipmunks, so please check your local laws.

Please do not comment on this instructable if you plan on saying something negative or not nice against this instructable.

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Step 1: Getting Your Chipmunk

You will need your rat trap and some bait. You might have seen some chipmunk before in your backyard. Sometimes the will pop out of the ground through a hole and sometimes they run through the bushes. Where ever you might see them chipmunks, place your rat trap in that location. Bait your trap properly by "hooking" your bait on the latch that is on the trigger. That way the bait is hard to take off. Set the trap, and leave it. Check every 4 hours or so to see if you get a chipmunk.

The videos above are mods for your rat trap, for higher chances of getting a chipmunk.

Note: It is possible to trap an animal rather than a rat trap.

Step 2: Skinning Your Chipmunk

Once you get your chipmunk, get you gloves, knife, and piece of card board. Put on your gloves and pull the chipmunk out of the trap. Then place it on the card board belly side up. Using your knife, stab your knife unto the anus and cut your knife up the belly, stopping at the chest. The guts should be exposed. Yes, yes this part might be hard, but you must remove the guts from its body, or else you will get blood all over the fur. After pulling the guts out, use your knife and slowly remove the skin off the meat. You can pull the all the leg's meat out from the legs fur. It should be very easy.Once you get to the head, pull the fur and the carcass away from each other. It should begin to pull off. Dispose the carcass. Remove what meat and fat that are left on the hide. It should now look like the picture above.

See that wasn't that hard was it?

Step 3: Salting the Pelt

Turn your piece of card board to the other clean side and place the pelt on it, having the leather facing up. Spray with disinfectant spray if you desire, to remove bacteria. Let the spray dry. Using your salt, sprinkle it all over the pelt until completely cover. The salt will remove the liquids from the skin, which will preserve it. Leave it like that for 2 to 3 days. Make sure it is dry once your done. The pelt's skin should feel like a dollar bill and the fur will be very soft.

Step 4: Your Bookmark!

Well, there you go. You very soft and fine bookmark. Just stick your bookmark in the book that your are reading. Also, using the bookmark for your Bible reading is very ideal, it works great! You can also sell your bookmark if you like too, it goes for about 3 to 5 USD dollars, but be sure to check your laws on furbearing before you do. Well, I hope you have enjoyed this instructable and enjoyed your very awesome bookmark.

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