Introduction: Cerberus Origami

About: Hi! I'm Wilson, I'm from Indonesia but I'm studying in Australia for now.
Cerberus is a three headed dog in Greek Mythology. It's the guardian of the Hell Gate of Hades'es. In the Divine Comedy, ( an ancient poem by Dante Alighieri) it is said that Cerberus is on the third floor on Hell... then who guards on the first floor??? Well, that's a mystery.. (Maybe because it has three heads!) Ok, let's leave that nonsense behind and get to the art!

Step 1: : Materials

The only thing you need is a sheet of paper! No need glue or scissor! Use brown colored papers, light brown or dark is fine. You can try black colors (But I rarely see a black cerberus).

Step 2: : Bird Base

If you already know how to make it, you can skip this step if you want to. First fold the paper into half, then fold into half again. Squash-fold on of the layer and do the same on the other side. And there! You go t the Preliminary Base! Then do a petal fold- pull the tip of the layer up! Do the same on the other side

Step 3: : the Main Base

Fold down the Bird Base. There will be a line mark. Fold down the tip of the base up to that line. Unfold. Then sink-fold. Fold up again. Fold down up to the sink line. Fold it to the right (sorry there's no picture of it) so the upper layer will be force to fold down. Unfold. Repeat on the other side. Repeat these steps on the other three sides. (You must have a lot of patients..)

Step 4: : Legs

Now you're done with the Main Base (actually this base is similar to Fernando Gilgado's Alien! But there are still a lots of difference anyway...). Look at the legs (which means the shorter), there will be three layers. It's up to you to fold on which layer, it doesn't matter! Fold it down. Then fold half of it to the left do the same on the back. Then tuck the tip of the leg to make the paw. When you doing the rear legs, fold down the opposite layer of the front legs. Example : You fold down the first layer for the front leg, so you must fold down the second layer for the rear legs. (If you don't understand, it doesn't matter, I'll make an illustration of it later.)

Step 5: : Trio Heads

Read carefully this step cause this is the hardest part. Crimp fold the heads. Sink the 'hump' on it's back. Gently open the heads, so it's spread. Bend the tip of the head ( around 1/3 or 3/5 of it). Grip the neck with your fingers (Look at the picture). Tuck the head down in a form of triangle. Fold the heads up, Then rabbit-ear fold it down. Reverse inside fold half of the head. (You don't want your Cerberus'es head looks like a fox, right?)

Step 6: : Optional Head

I was thinking that my Cerberus head maybe is too hard. So, I try Michael G. LaFosse's version. And it fits! So this is how you do it : Make the same model head, until the steps you must grip the neck and make the head flat. Grip the head with you fingers so the head will be tin when look from above (see the pictures). Then fold up the ears. Sink fold the tiny triangle behind the head (this little triangle also may appear in my head version. Just sink-fold it). Reverse inside fold the head (just do the same as my version). And done! You've finish the heads! (If you have any ideas to make the third head, i would be so glad)

Step 7: : Finishing Step : the Tail

Reverse inside fold about half of the tail. Fold down both the tip of the tail, so it looks sharp. Then 'thin' the tail by reverse inside half of the tail ( horizontally). And you're done with the Cerberus! Balance the feet so it can stand up firmly. (Sorry, for the blur pictures.).