Introduction: Yu-Gi-Oh! Curse of Dragon Origami

About: Hi! I'm Wilson, I'm from Indonesia but I'm studying in Australia for now.

 I was making a new Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck. When I realized my deck needs an old card- Polymerization. So I bought the Dark Legend Booster Pack. I got a Curse Of Dragon! The classic card, used by the main protagonist Yugi Muto. Curse of Dragon is a skeletal-like dragon with pale-yellow colored body. When Yu-Gi-Oh! started to become popular, this card quiet useful. But later on, many cards were better than this one. So this card is rarely used in formal decks since Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series where Fusion Monsters are more used in decks. Then continued with the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5'Ds where Synchro Monsters are more used in decks. Sorry for the color-changing model, I just bought a new camera and I'm not used to it. 

Step 1: : the Paper

 I suggest pale-yellow, light-yellow, gold-yellow colored paper with 24x24 Cm. I originally use a gold-yellow paper. But I'm just not used to it, the focus, the light, etc. So the paper color change into a yellow color.

Step 2: : First Step

 Fold the paper into half, repeat three times more. Then unfold the model. Now there are 16 tiles on your paper. Fold down half the edges up to the first crease line. Repeat on the other sides

Step 3: : the Head and the Tail

 Pull out the layer hidden inside, squash fold it to form a preliminary base. Now I'll zoom in to the head. Squash fold the preliminary base to the right, then petal fold it up. Fold down, repeat on the other side. After you done with the right side, fold the side to the right, then fold up. (This is similar to Jerry Harris's T-Rex). Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 4: : Pterodactyl-Like Head Part 1

 Fold down the head, leave about 0,5 cm from the middle point. Fold down the sides up to the folded-down head. Pull out the hidden layer then squash fold (same as previous step). Petal fold up, then fold down. Fold it to the right., kite-fold it then unfold.Open sink the kite-folded area. Repeat on the other side.

Step 5: : Pterodactyl-Like Head 2

 Turn back the paper. Fold down the paper, leave 1 cm from the middle point (same as previous).  Fold down the right and left sides. (see Picture). Turn back the model, fold it half down. Fold it half again to the right. Squash fold and make a preliminary base. 

Step 6: : Shaping the Body Up

 Petal fold up the model, repeat behind making a bird base. Fold down the bird base. Fold down the top up to the line. Sink fold it. Then fold up again the bird base, then fold down up to the sinked base. Fold it to the right, forcing the layer down, repeat fold it to the right. (This is like my cerberus origami). ,  Then fold the bird base to the left. 

Step 7: : the Wings

 Fold the wings up. Fold half to the left the right side of the wing. Then fold half to the left the right side again.  Repeat behind. Now fold down. Now, the problem is this square-like layer. Fold the edge diagonally, then insert the layer inside. (There should be like a gap, to insert the layer.) repeat behind. Fold up the wings

Step 8: : the Head and Neck

 Fold the 'jaw' down. Then crimp-fold the jaw. Crimp-fold the upper jaw.  Bend the tip of the beak. Crimp-fold the rear head, this is a little bit hard because the rear has many layers. For the neck, press it with your thumb and then once it 'sinked' , kite fold it.

Step 9: : Tails, Wings and Done!

 Crimp fold and bend the tail. Split the tail into two. Use your thumb to form it's wicked wings. (Look at the picture). Bend the neck and your done! Sorry it's not really like Curse of Dragon, some thorns are missing on it's body. Because if I do that, the tail will be shorter and it's more ugly! Thanks for viewing anyway!