Introduction: How to Make a Crochet Slip Knot (slip Loop)

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In today's Instructable i want to demonstrate for you how to make a Crochet Slip Knot or also known as"Slip Loop", it's one of the basics crochet techniques that you must learn because you're gonna use it a lot ... believe me!! =P

I hope the video tutorial can be very helpful, it has a slow-motion part which hopefully would make it easier for you to learn this technique =).


Like i said, please do not forget to watch the video tutorial! =D

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* Yarn or Thread (your favorite)

* Crochet Hook(recommended for your yarn or thread)

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Step 2: Step 01

-Take a piece of yarn with your index and thumb finger of your left hand(not very close to the tip, maybe 2 inches up)

- With your index and thumb finger but of your right hand take another piece of yarn (the distance between your two hands must be -more or less- 3 inches)

- Slowly, bring your hands together (while you're doing it, you're going to see and "U", but upside down)

Step 3: Step 02

- Put the piece of yarn of your right hand over the piece of yarn of your left hand,making some sort of loop and hold both yarn pieces with the left hand (using your index and thumb finger)

- Take your yarn again (the piece that's joined to the skein) and pass it behind the middle and ring finger of your left hand, after that, hold it between the ring and pinky finger.

Step 4: Step 03

- Now, with our right hand we’re going to take the hook and pass it through the loop that we are holding with our left hand, grab a piece of the yarn that is laying over the middle and ring finger and pass it through the ring.

- Release the piece of yarn that is joined to the skein (you've to keep holding the other piece of yarn -the first that we hold at the beginning of the tutorial- ) and to finish, with the help of your hook pull a little bit and you finished! =)

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