Introduction: How to Make a Dual Sided Pen!

In this Instructable I will teach you to make a dual sided pen. This is an easy 1-5 minute project that actually has some practicality. (It is also a cool trick to play on your friends, More on that later. ) This is my first Instructable so leave comments, but don't be harsh. I came up with this pen when I needed 2 different color pens for school but only had one pen slot in my note book. It is better if the pens are 2 different colors.

Step 1: Gather Materials

This one is easy, all you need is:
2 ball-point pens that are different colors.

Step 2: Remove Ink Tubes

To remove the ink tubes, just twist and pull on the colored part that connects the tube to the pen body.

Step 3: Remove Colored Part From One Tube

Now, twist and pull the colored part away from the tan part on one of the tubes (save the colored part, you'll need it later.)

Step 4: Pop Out End Cap

Now, put the ink stick in and then push down HARD. The little end cap should pop out.

Step 5: Put Colored Part Back on

Just like the title, put that colored part back on the ink tube.

Step 6: Slide Pen Cartridges in to One Tube

First, slide one completed ink tube into the body tube. Next, slide the other one in to the end that you removed the end-cap from ( this might take some work.) And done, your pen is now complete.

Step 7: Tricks

As I promised, the trick you can play on your friend is to put caps on both sides and then ask ,"I bet you $1 you can't guess which end doesn't write." And obviously both ends write and they will be $1 shorter =) .

I hope you enjoyed my Instructable!

Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for any injuries you obtain from making someone lose a dollar! (some people can get pretty mad about getting tricked into losing.)