Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet With LOTS of Space

I will teach you how to make a duct tape wallet with lots of space for money and credit cards.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Duct Tape or Gorrilla Tape ( I used gorrilla tape. It's more durable, but it's extra sticky!)
Credit card holder windows (here is a website where you can get one. You can use it's case as an iPod case)
Scissors (to cut the tape)

Step 2: Make the Base

1.) Cut 4 strips of tape that are about 6 in. long
2.) Stick one on the sticky part of another. Do that to the other two.
3.) Cut the excess sticky parts showing
4.) Tape the two strips together on both sides.
5.) Repeat numbers 1-4
6.) Cut one of the slabs you made so it is about 1 cm. shorter than the other
7.) Tape the two slabs together at the sides and the bottom so there is no gaps at the sides or the bottom

Step 3: Make the Inside

1.) Tape in the credit card holder on one of the sides in the wallet
2.) Cut out two pieces of tape that are both a few in. long and tape them together
3.) Tape that at the sides and bottom in the other side of the wallet to make a pocket.
4.) If you want to, you can put one new coating of duct tape on the wallet, so the tape is going all the same direction.
5.) You finished. Yay!

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