Introduction: How to Make a Halo Helmet Using Pepakura!

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I saw a bunch of tutorials but many were incomplete or low detailed. So, here I have my first, er second Halo helmet, Please criticize all you want, I don't care if this is my first instructable though constructive criticism will help. 


Step 1: Supplies

You will need multiple supplies and a BUNCH of time, A BUNCH!!!
This may cost around $20-$50 depending on how much you buy.
You will need
-Card stock
-Paper Craft glue. Elmer's  is the kind I use. Try not to use any other glue as this type will bond paper better.
-x-acto knife/paper craft scissors (DO NOT USE REGULAR/SAFETY SCISSORS)
-cutting board (if you don't want your find wood table to have cut marks)
-Fiberglass Resin
-Bondo Bondo
-dust masks 
-some useless paintbrushes
-useless credit card
-Pep files(halo pep files)   
-pepakura viewer 3!

all the files you will need are up here. If you don't know what pepakura is, it is basically a program that converts a 3D object into 2D so you can cut and glue it after printing
This is the easiest way to make a halo helmet, I might add some more supplies later on
so read through carefully.

Step 2: Cutting, Gluing, and Papercrafting

Now after you have gone and downloaded the files, open them up in pepakura
*they should be .pdo files

now print them out and cut and glue accordingly to the pictures, In pepakura if you click on a piece you can see where that piece connects.
Turn on 
Show edge ID
then just connect to the according piece.
The dashed lines like this ------ mean to mountain fold
the dash dot lines like this  dash dot dash dot ( couldn't find a dot thing)
mean to valley fold.

now cut and glue.

Step 3: Fiberglass Resin.

This part is pretty toxic so WEAR MASK AND GLOVES! I use latex gloves from walmart but any gloves will do as long as you can throw them out!
Mix the fiberglass resin in a container according to the instructions and mix evenly.
So, after you have covered everything, make sure your in a well ventilated area... OBVIOUS

or else it will harm your braincells.

Just apply and even coat to the outside and wait to dry.
then apply and even coat to the inside and wait to dry.

This should take a few hours to dry so don't rush it.
after it dries is should be pretty hard and smell funny thats okay because we're gonna
put something that smells even funnier onto it C:

Washing it with water will not get resin out.

Step 4: Bondo

Sorry guys I didn't take any pics for this so i'm going to use my iron man pics. The only thing about the iron man pics is I put WAY too much bondo on it. Just apply a thin layer and make sure it is smooth.
You need
-used credit card
-containers to hold it.


Sanding. This is a pretty simple but it is really really useful
Probably don't have to explain this one.

Step 6: Painting and Battle Weathering.

Spray paints are usually a good choice.
I used
-little bit of gold but thats because I ran out of silver.

Spray on a layer of flat black primer.
next spray on a layer of silver

now to do the battle marks and weathering.
Its hard to explain so..
watch these videos. It is not me but he does a FANTASTIC JOB. I commend him.
Watch his videos, they are all incredibly cool

after you put your weathering scratches on
spray a layer of red paint.
now do what he does in the video and carefully scrape off the vaseline.
you will be able to see  the silver underneath.
to make more scratches take a piece of sandpaper and rub it against the helmet.
also spray some paint onto a paint brush and gently apply silver paint to edges.

next we begin the process of distressing
to distress, all you need is a
-useless towel rag
-black paint
spray your black paint and quickly wipe it away from the helmet.

in picture 1 you can tell where I distressed.

Step 7: Finishing Up.

Now you will have a great looking helmet!
next you need to buy a cheap motorcycle visor
I purchased mine from eBay for approx. $25 shipping included.
just hot glue your visor in and WAH LA!

oops, forgot a step.
buy some cheap sponges and glue them into your helmet so your head doesn't wobble around.

Step 8: Conclusion

This is a great project and looks great.
It is pretty time consuming so make sure you have a week of spare time
I did this over summer break.
Don't buy a too expensive visor.
I spent around $70 maybe
How much did you spend?
I want to see your pics!

So long and happy crafting!

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