Introduction: How to Make a Handsome "Son of Frankenstein" Halloween Doll

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Halloween doesn't always have to mean something scary! We created this handsome little "Son of Frankenstein" doll to spruce up your fall decorating. No need for patterns, we'll show you how to make him by just cutting fabric pieces into shapes!

Step 1:

It doesn't take much to make this handsome Son of Frankenstein doll. I just gathered up some:
* black rick-rack
* orange, green, and black fabric scraps
* white felt
* 2 green buttons
* black yarn

Step 2:

Cut the doll body pieces:
Arms: Cut four 3"X4"  from orange fabric
Legs: Cut four 3"X4.5"  from orange fabric
         Cut four 3"X1.5"  from black fabric
Body: Cut two 7"X3"  from black fabric
          Cut two 7"X4.5"  from orange fabric
          Cut two 7"X8"  from green fabric

Step 3:

To make the arms place two arms pretty sides together and pin around both sides and bottom.

Stitch both sides and bottom using the pressure foot as your guide. (1/4" seam allowance) This is the seam allowance you will be using to make your doll. Make sure you leave the top open.

Step 4:

Clip corners.

Stitch the other arm in the same manner.

Step 5:

Turn arms pretty side out.

Stuff the arms and set aside.

Step 6:

To make the leg pin the black boot of the leg to the leg pretty sides together. Stitch.

Do this to all four legs.

Step 7:

Place two legs pretty sides together and pin in the same manner as the arms leaving the top open.


Step 8:

Turn the legs pretty side out and stuff.

Set aside.

Step 9:

To make the body pin the black head to the green face pretty sides together and stitch.

Pin the orange body to the green face pretty sides together and stitch.

Do this to both bodies. (front and back)

Step 10:

Take one of the full body pieces and make a face on your doll. For mine, I cut out two different size circles from white felt and sewed the green buttons on. But you can be as creative as you like and try something of your own.

For the mouth I stitched on a small piece of black rick-rack. For the hairline, I stitched a row of black rick-rack on the seam where the face meets the hair.

Step 11:

Cut pieces of black yarn and tape them on the pretty side of the face, facing down and inside of the doll.

(Notice they are not sticking up, they are facing down. They will automatically stick up once the whole doll is sewn together.)

Step 12:

Pin the arms to the inside as shown.

(They will fall in place once everything is sewn together.)

Step 13:

Pin the legs to the inside as shown.

(They will fall in place once everything is sewn together.)

Step 14:

Place the other body piece pretty sides together and pin around the whole body as shown. Leave a 4" opening. I left mine on the side of the doll's face.

Stitch around the doll pivoting at the corners.

Step 15:

Turn doll pretty side out through the opening and gently poke out corners.

Remove the tape from the black yarn and give your doll a good "hair cut." Stuff your doll and hand sew the opening closed.