Introduction: How to Make a Hook: "Rufio" Costume

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It's always a challenge to think of what type of costume you want for halloween. Personally, i think about cost, comfort, and amount of time that I have to either buy or make something. I usually end up in some type of house, so you can't really wear something gigantic, you need both your hands for food/ drinks, and it's usually really hot from all the people inside.. so this particular Halloween, it was Rufio time!


-Red hair spray paint


-leather jacket (I got mine for $5 at a thrift store)

-red spray paint

-red tights

- red shoes

-misc. leather bracelets

-black leather pants (Thrift store for $5)





-gold paint

-black T-shirt

-black string

-fake earring or paperclip


- thin Long wood.. width of your finger, length of how long you want the sword. (optional)

-misc. necklace beads

Step 1: Pants + Shoes


1. Tear the black leather Pants  in various places so that the red tights will be exposed.


1. Either get red shoes.. or in my case, i just sprayed my shoes red.

1. If you have time, you can foam your shoes. Check out my "Robin" tutorial to see how to have temporary red shoes, without destroying them. (link below)

Step 2: Jacket

1. Remove anything unnecessary from the jacket, (buckles, lining, etc)

2. Tear off your sleeves at the seams and set sleeves aside. You should now have a vest.

3. My jacket was too large on me, so i had to re-sew the seams for a slimmer fit. I did this by cutting out the seams on the sides and just safety pinning them on the inside of the vest for a smaller fit. if you have accessibility to a sewing machine or have the time, you can sew these shut. (pic 1)

Step 3: Tassles

  1. Turn your vest inside out
  2. Take one sleeve and cut in half. leave one half black, and spray paint the other half red. (pic 1)
  3. cut both red and black portion of sleeve into long strips (pic 2)
  4. Hot glue strips onto the inside-out vest.. that way, you wont see the end of the strips when it is right-side in. (Pic 3)
  5. Take beads and string them onto some of the leather strips

Step 4: Loin Cloth

1. Take the other sleeve (all black) and cut it along the seam..

2. From there, cut a rectangle out of it. Set scraps aside

3. Cut strips up the length of the rectangle, but stop about 3-4 inches from the top. (pic 1)

4. bead the strips

5. fold the top over, feed a shoelace or your belt through it, and wrap around your waist.

Step 5: Wrist Wraps + Necklace


1. Use the scraps from the jacket sleeves to make wraps for your wrists.. I cut off the sleeve cuff off one side, and wrapped the other.

NECKLACE (pic 1)

1. Take clay and mold it into teeth. make sure to put a hole in each tooth.

2. once hard, you can paint teeth, or just keep baking them to turn them brown.

3. take some feathers, beads, and your “teeth” and string them along necklace.

Step 6: Fake Ear Ring + Hair

Ear ring

1. if you dont have a fake earing, take your paperclip and use a pair of pliers to cut and bend a “C” shape out of it. it should gently fit around your ear.. you can put a dollop of hot glue on either end if it’s too sharp

2. Take your string and tie it to your earring, leaving one side longer than the other.

3. take miscellaneous jewelry beads and string it through one side.

4. attach the feather to the other string.


1. Separate your hair into a 3 part mohawk.

2. Blow dry and use hair glue to keep in place.

3. hair spray to hold up

4. go outside and have a friend help you put red hairspray on all three mohawk pieces.

* you also have an option of getting a wig. 

Step 7: Sword

1. I happened to have a broken handle of a samurai sword. i attached a dowel to the end of it. (pic 1)
 * if you don't have a handle, then you can just get a piece of wood about the size you want.. or just take some cardboard and turn it into a tube.  Bondo your cardboard handle.

2.Make a hand guard by cutting out a circle. i used a bowl for a guide.. cut out pizza wedges from it. Curve the cardboard on itself so it turns into an umbrella.. hot glue it together, and then bondo hand guard. (pic 2 + pic 3)

3.Take your long pieces of wood and attach on both sides of the dowel. this will be the skeleton of your blade. bondo “blade.” (pic 4)

4. Sand as needed, and spray paint gold. (Pic 5)

Step 8: Finished!

Happy Halloween! Bangarang!

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