Introduction: How to Make a K'nex Geared Rubik's Cube Style Thing:

Step-by-step guide of how to correctly construct this creation i made.
when assembled correctly when a certain face is turned, while the opposite is held, the middle faces should move 90 degrees every time the face you are turning turns 180 degrees.

Step 1: Making the Mechanism Pt.1

Parts Needed:
4 large yellow gears
6 blue rods
6 cream-coloured end piece thingy's (:/)
2 black end piece thingy's
4 blue rings

Make 2 of each part shown in the pictures. Assemble EXACTLY as is shown. 

Step 2: Making the Mechanism Pt.2

Parts Needed:
All 6 parts from step 1
2 blue connector pieces

Put the parts from step 1 onto the blue connector pieces as shown in the first picture. Then the two parts you have together to get something like the second picture.

Step 3: Making the Faces

Parts needed:
24 white rods
72 green rods
24 yellow semicircle connectors
24 red corner connectors
6 white circle connectors

Construct the faces as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Putting on the Faces Pt.1

Parts Needed:
The Mechanism
2 face parts
2 yellow end pieces(can be any end piece really)

Put the faces onto the blue rod with 2 cream-colour pieces on, and then put the end piece onto the end of the rods to secure the faces.

Make sure that the little rod on the side of the cream piece is in one of the holes in the white piece of the face, and that the faces are aligned, otherwise this will not function correctly.

Step 5: Putting the Faces on Pt.2

Parts Needed:
The Mechanism
2 Face parts
2 end pieces
2 grey rings

Put a grey ring on the remaining rods with gears on them. then put the faces onto those, and the end piece on the end to secure them

Step 6:

Parts Needed:
The Mechanism
2 Face parts
2 end pieces

Put the last faces onto the last rods, and then put the end piece on. It should look a little like the first picture. Then, to align the faces with the others, push the black piece from under the face up so that the face is as close to the end piece as possible, so it looks like the seconds picture.

Your Geary rubik's cube type thing is now complete! Enjoy doing whatever it is you do with your K'nex.