How to Make a Piranha Plant With a Tube




Introduction: How to Make a Piranha Plant With a Tube

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For this Plant you will need

Perler beads:
-Dark green
-Bright Green

*Ironing Paper
*2 Large Pegboards
*A book or something heavy and flat
*Tweezers *OPTIONAL*

*A green Tube (You can buy this at wal mart for $2.00 CAD or at Micheals Craft shop)

You will need a Ruler or a straight edge!
A piece of paper
Hot glue gun
Fake Moss/Or soil which ever you prefer
some Styrofoam plant stuff. (It's green not sure what its called) 

Step 1: How to Make a Piranha Plant With a Tube Part 1

Use the two grids to do out the plant, make sure to put the Arrow under it. This will make it easy to push it down into the foam.

Step 2:

Iron the plant

Step 3: How to Make a Piranha Plant With a Tube Part 3


Draw a line on the paper, about a half inch thick. Cut it out and glue it around the top of the tube.

Once you have tat glued on, cut around the paper. This is a guide line.

turn the piece of tube you cut off inside out and glue it around the top of the tube.

Step 4:

Fill the tube up with your foam and inset the plant! You can finish it off by applying fake moss around the rough edges where you unevenly cut the tube.

Step 5:

Hot glue fake moss at the bottom to cover up the uneven edges & enjoy your cute room decor.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I used to always play with those beads when I was little, but now I can't find them anymore. Do you have any idea where to find them? Wait. . . You probably do. My actual question is something along the lines of, "Could you please tell me where to get them?".


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Haha I order mine from perler! If you're Canadian like me try the shipping cos to Canada is MUCH better. If you buy six packs or more the price of 2.17 a bag goes down too 1.99 a bag. (this is for both perler and if you're from the uk you may want to search for "Hama beads" rather than perler. You can buy these beads in the uk anywhere or online at, you can buy perler beads at your local craft shop, even sometimes wal mart but the only thing is they're 4.99 a bag and that's in cad currency, if you live next to micheals craft shop you can try coupons for 50% off but it's better to buy online, you save a lot. You'll also need pegboards, I started off with one but eventually I started to make bigger sprites... Like this plant took two boards. And lastly, if you're getting into perler beads ORDER A LOT OF BLACK! They're used for EVERYTHING and are the quickest to go, I recommend you buy 10 packs of black to every 20 packs of colour beads ordered.

    Hope this helped hahaha, sorry for the long response. Good luck and happy crafting! :D


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Wow. . . You know your perler beads!