Introduction: How to Make a "S" and "Z" Out of PVC

Crafts made of PVC are limitless. In this fun and easy instructable, you will learn how to make a "S" and a "Z" out of PVC.

Materials for the "S" (Picture 2)
-6 45 degree elbows
-2 90 degree elbow
-6 1.5" flushers
-1 3" pipe

Materials for the "Z" (Picture 3)
-2 45 degree elbows
-2 90 degree elbows
-2 1.5" flushers
-1 6" pipe
-2 5" pipe

You will also need PVC cutters, a ruler, and a marker or pencil. (Picture 4)

Step 1: Sub-assembly Part 1 of "S"

Take a 45 degree elbow and insert a pipe connector into one of the ends. Attach another 45 degree elbow onto the end of the pipe connector. Add one more 45 degree elbow. You should have a shape of the top of a pentagon. Repeat this whole process, so you have 2 pentagon shaped pieces.

Step 2: Sub-assembly 2 of "S"

Take a 90 degree elbow and insert a pipe connector. Duplicate this.

Step 3: Part 1 and Part 2 of "S"

Insert the pipe connector from Part 2 into one of the ends of Part 1. Repeat this on the other part 1 and part 2.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Take the 3x.0.5in pipe and connect the two sub-assemblies. Congratulations! You have made an S.

Step 5: "Z" Part 1

Connect a 1.5x0.5in pipe connector to a 90 degree elbow like you did in Part 2 of the "S". Take a 5"x0.5" pipe and insert it in the other opening of 90 degree elbow. Repeat this process.

Step 6: Part 2 of "Z"

Take two 45 degree elbows and attach them onto the end of 6" pipe.

Step 7: Putting It Together

Attach each pipe connector to one of the 45 degree elbows. Rotate the fittings until they match the picture. Congratulations, you created a "Z".