Introduction: How to Make a Scarf Dress

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This dress is fun, comfortable to wear, and perfect for the summer days!
For this dress use a printed silky fabric and a pair of high heels.

Cost: I spend about 12 $ making this Dress.
Feel free to ask if there is something unclear! :)

Step 1: You Will Need.

1. Fabric: Silk.
2. Sewing machine.
3. Scissors.
4. Pins.
5. Chalk.
6. Ribbon.

Step 2: First Step

Fold the Fabric to the opposite side.

Picture #1: The lines you see, these are the places where you pin the fabric together.

Picture #2: Mark the pattern on the fabric and cut the excedent of fabric.

Step 3: Second Step

Picture #3 and Picture #4: Now do the hem where the arms will be and also sew the side of the dress.

Picture #5 and Picture #6: also do the hem with a little space on the neck, to add later the ribbon. Would look like picture #6.

Step 4: Third Step

Picture #7: Also make the hem on the bottom of the dress.

Picture #8: It will look like this :)

Picture #9: Choose a ribbon that goes with the color fabric, this will be the strap.

Now you have a beautiful Dress for the summer days :)