Introduction: How to Make a Spider Web/ Broken Glass Backround

This is what the final product should sort of look like

Step 1:

Draw your design at the center of the page and add or color it.
You may also add other effects to the design

Step 2:

The first line you draw should be from any corner of the page and should be about 45 degrees and about 1 inch long

Step 3:

Draw another line that connects to the first, creating what looks like a corner of a frame

Step 4:

Then erase on both side of the frame to be create more lanes that branch of from the first

Step 5:

Continue making branches of lanes from each line and make sure that it goes to the other corner. The connection of lanes should create different polygons such as triangles, pentagons, and maybe hexagons. It should look like this.

Step 6:

Almost got three corners. Once done with 2 corners do the same to the other corner. The lanes should all be connected and intersected. Make sure they don't look like they are going under or over a lane.

Step 7:

3 corners should look like this the web should reach the design on at least 2 sides. Like shown

Step 8:

The finished pencil should look like this. Make sure that they all branch off from each other and are all connected 

Step 9:

Now take a thin marker or sharpie of any color to trace the lanes that you just finished in pencil. Be very careful that you don't make stray marks.

Step 10:

Then after finished tracing you may start to shade in the shapes or lanes it is optional. I shade in the shapes but it is preference. You can shade in with any color.

Step 11:

The final product should look like this.