Introduction: How to Make a Barbie Corset Out of Washi Tape

This is my first instructible so I hope that it goes well and is useful to Barbie's with a lack of clothes.

These photos show the finished corset which is made from washi tape and cord. I have also made this with duck tape and ribbons which works just as well.

As you may notice this corset is a bit wonky. You can spend the extra time to measure the barbie so that it is completely straight but it still looks ok if you don't bother.

Step 1: Starting Off

The fist thing to do is to cover your in washi tape so that you have made a start to the corset. When you are applying the tape you're going to use it backwards so that the sticky side is facing up and the non sticky side is against the barbie's skin. Make sure that you cover the whole chest and that it is the size that you want the corset to be when you finish.

Step 2: Second Layer of Washi Tape

Next you are going to apply another layer of tape to the corset. This time just use it normally so that the two sticky sides are against each other.

Make sure that you cover up the entire corset so that there are no sneaky stick parts anywhere.

Step 3: The Back

Now it's time for us to cut open the back. It's best to do this with scissors but I was silly and decided to do it with a knife which resulted in scratching the barbie's back.

Try and make sure your cut is as straight and neat as possible. If you want you can trim a little off the edges so that you can see her back through the lacing but it is crucial that if you choose to do that you do it at this stage.

Step 4: Making the Holes for the Lacing

This is quite a hard and long step to explain so I'll try my best.

First you need to take the corset off the barbie and then push the sides of the corset so that the back overlaps about ½ a centimetre and hold it in place. Next push a needle through the corset where you think the first hole should be. The reason that I overlapped the back was so that I would only have to push in the needle once and it would make two holes although it is not extremely important to do so.

When you make the first hole stick a few pins into the hole you just made to try and widen it. Repeat this with every hole you make.

Your needle and pins will get sticky so if you are using duck tape you could dip the bottom half of you needle/pin in washing up liquid or soapy water.

when you have finished making all the holes and you have widened them put the corset back on the barbie.

Step 5:

Now your going to need your needle again. Your going to want to thread your needle with the cord or ribbon that you have chosen and then lace up the corset starting at the top. Depending on how big your holes are depends on whether you need a needle or not. You might not need a needle of your holes are big enough to push the cord/ribbon through.

Step 6: Bow

All you have to do now is tie a bow at the bottom and your corset is done!!!

And what do you have to do now??? Make another one of course!!! There are plenty of different versions you can make and I suppose you could use this technique to make any piece of clothing for you barbie.

I hope you enjoyed this instructible and I will probably make more when I have time so please keep an eye out for my posts and tell me what you thought if this one!!!