Introduction: How to Make a Blended Multi-color Silkscreen Design! Made at TechShop!

Hey there! Today I'm going to show you how to make a blended multi-color silkscreen design!

Step 1: Prep Your Silkscreen Station

Make your stencil as you would normally.

Take your colors and position moderate sized globs of the stuff above your design. Be sure to make the size of the globs touch! I used three colors on this design, but feel free to go crazy and do any number in any combination that you want. 

Step 2: Blend the Colors

We really want a nice blended look, so we need to make sure the colors overlap. Take your squeegee, stick it in your paint globs, and make a side to side zig-zag motion. If you don't want too much blending, do it just enough to make sure there's no gap in your colors. 

Step 3: Flood Like Normal.

Just make sure that you don't flip your squeegee or anything. We want the colors to stay pure. 

Step 4: Aaaand Paint!

Just firmly pull and drag your squeegee like normal. If you're careful, you can pull the squeegee in the opposite direction for additonal passes. 

The third picture shows how much the paints blend after multiple passes. (I squeezed the third pass between the first and second, just in case you think I mislabeled things.) The blending is most noticeable in the "h" in "Shop."

If you're interested in learning how to do the whole silkscreening process, check out the Silkscreening SBU over at TechShop!