Introduction: How to Make a Bomb in PHUN

This instructable will  show you how to make a bomb in PHUN, a 2D physics game that is free to download.

Step 1: Download Th Game

First go to ( )

Step 2: Make the Box

After you download, setup, and run the game; you will want to select the brush tool and make a box.
Unless you are going to make a big bomb, you should probably keep the size at .50

Step 3: Pin Down

Pin down the box with the pin tool. If you skip this step the bomb will be bouncing every where.
Now play. It wont blowup yet, but to finish you'll need to do this.

Step 4: Fill the Box

Now after you click the play button, fill the box with lots of little circles with the circle tool. For the bomb to work, fill it so that everything inside is crammed. When it is full, some circles will shoot out. Stop when it reaches that point.

Step 5: Set the Destuction Button

Now you will set the destruction button for the box. To do this, click on the box and then click where it says "Destroy key:"  then press any key that you want to trigger the bomb. Any time you want you can press the key you assigned for it and....... BOOM!!!!

Have phun!!