How to Make the Best Game Ever!

Introduction: How to Make the Best Game Ever!

Yes this game is 100% made by me! VERY EASY!
For the shooter, you will need:

> Glue gun (and glue)
> 3 Wooden sticks
> A rubber band
> A clothes pin
> A wire clipper (or scissors)

Step 1: Making the Shooter

You should cut both the ends of two of the sticks.
On one stick, leave one end UN-cut.

Step 2: Making the Shooter 2

Glue the two even sticks together side by side. You might not want to glue too much, to avoid bumps.
Then glue the one-ended stick on the bottom.

Step 3: Making the Shooter 3

Then glue the cloths pin onto the tab.

Step 4: Making the Shooter 4

After all o' that, glue on the rubber band.

Then you're done with the shooter.

Step 5: Making the Player

For the thing to shoot, you will need:

> Wire cutter
> A wooden stick
> Glue gun
> Air soft bullet (or some other small object)

Step 6: Making the Player 2

In this step, cut up the stick, and glue on the bullet.

And that's it!

Step 7: Making the Jump

For the jump, you will need:

> Wire cutters
> Wooden sticks
> Glue gun
> Scissors
> Paper

Step 8: Making the Jump 2

Cut out a small section of paper, and cut up the sticks so they are a little shorter than the paper.
Then, fold up one end of the paper. Glue the sicks on.

Then you're done with the jump.

Step 9: Making the Loop and Finishing

For making the loop you will need:

> Paper
> Scissors
> Tape

Now cut out a section of paper that is 2 or 3 times as long as the jump.
Make the loop, and tape (or glue).

Now you're done with the WHOLE thing!

Be creative and put them together in different ways!

Have fun!

The Game - The best bloopers are here

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    10 years ago on Step 9

    pretty kewl. could you make an instructable on your course in the video?


    13 years ago on Step 9

    amazing idea no wonder you got first pize .nice course you made


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    That was for fun.... the ribbon....... I didn't win anything :(


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Looks fun - a bit of slow-motion and stronger light would show it better?