Introduction: How to Make a Butterfly With Recycled Materials.

This is a project I did for a third grade class credit -  I needed to make something out of at least 3 recycled items. 

I was going to write this out - but my dad  suggested I make it an Instructables- so I did. 

Here are the items I used 

1) Egg Carton 

2) Empty Soda Stream bottle 

3) Old decorative tinsel 

4) Used drink cup 

5) Sequins from an old art project 

6) Buttons from a shirt 

7) Old can of spray paint my dad got from the re-use section of the local hazardous waste recycle area (free!) 

Step 1:

Stuff I needed for assembly :

Hot glue gun, Scissors, wire cutters and glitter glue.

Step 2: Cut the Feet

Cut the feet out of the egg carton with a pair of scissors

Step 3: Cutting Wings

cut out wings from drink cup.  Make them round and symmetrical by cutting them stacked on top of each other. 

Step 4: Paint

Paint the wings and the feet - be careful- this might get messy and stinky- do this in a ventilated area and get an adults help.  

Step 5: Glue Stuff

Using a hot glue gun can be dangerous - so I let my dad do this part.  Glue on the feet, wings, antennae and eyes.

Step 6: Add the Bling

I decorated my bug with glitter glue to make it cool. 

Step 7: Done!

Here it is in its NEW home..... awwww cute!!!!

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