Introduction: How to Make a Clay Mermaid Monster Girl

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a clay Mermaid Monster Girl!

Step 1: Step One: Gathering Your Items

What you will need:

1.) A few different pictures of mermaids (so you can get an idea of how you would like it to look)

2.) Whatever color clay you would like to use (I used a very light blue, light green, blue, green, a darker blue, dark green, and white)

3.) A few tooth picks (you will use these to make the ringlets for the hair, and to keep her fin, head, and arms in place.)

Step 2: Step Two: Making the Tail

Take the colors you are going to use for the tail, fin, and band and put the rest of your clay to the side for now.

I'm using the green, and light green for this part.

I took the light green that I'm using for the tail and rolled it out until I had the desired shape I wanted.

Next I took the green for the band around the top of the fin and rolled it out until it was a long "string". I then took it and placed it at the top of the tail and pushed it down with a tooth pick so it would stay.

Step 3: Step Three: Making the Fin

Next I took the green and pinched it until it was a little thicker then a quarter, and the shape I wanted. 

I attached the fin to the tail by sticking a broken tooth pick in the tail and pushing the fin into the tooth pick.

After that I took a bit of the green and wrapped it around the part where the tail and fin met so you couldn't see that line anymore.

Step 4: Step Four: Making the Body

After I was done with the whole tail I moved onto the body.

I took the light blue and used it for the body. 

What you're going to do is take the color you are using for the body and roll it into a ball.

Then you'll just mold it into the shape that you want until you have what you want.

After you have the body, take a bit of clay for each arm, once you have that you can star to roll it.

I don't like to make hands, so I gave her some tentacles instead.

You'll attach the arms the same way you did the fin, just two pieces of a broken tooth pick stuck into where you want the arms, then stick the arms on after.

Step 5: Step Five: Making the Head

Take the clay that you used for the body, take some and roll it into a ball. If you want the head to be bigger take some more clay and roll it into the ball until you have the size you would like.

Once you have the size you would like for the head, start to mold it into the shape you would like.

I took a tooth pick and poked in where I wanted to make it look like she was attacked by fishermen. 

After you finish with the head take another piece of tooth pick and stick into the neck and then stick the head on.

You might also what to take a tooth pick and push the clay where the head and neck meet so the head totally won't fall off.

Step 6: Step Six: Making the Hair and Finishing

This step is a bit hard, and is just how I saw her hair, you don't have to make your mermaid have ringlets, or anything like that.

I used the blue and darker blue for this part. I took small amounts of each color and rolled them until they were string like.

When they were the length I wanted the hair to be I wrapped the clay around a tooth pick so it would curl the way I wanted. After I got to to curl the way I wanted I pushed the one end into the head with a tooth pick, I did this with every piece of hair until her entire head was covered.

After she was all don't I put her in the oven for about 20 minutes to cook!

That's how you make a Mermaid Monster Girl!

Have fun making your Monster Girls!

(This was my first instructable, so I hope you guys liked it! Thanks!)

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