Introduction: How to Make a Clay Model Heart!

This project was connected to my senior project which I taught to some classes. It was used to teach students in high school about obesity and diabetes and the effects on the heart. My friend actually came up with the idea and I really appreciated the idea because if not then I would not have had a physical part to my senior project. I made this at home so no need to bother teachers unless you want to get it perfected by an art teacher because mine sure could have used it. My biggest challenges with this project was actually shaping the heart so do not be so fast paced about digging into this project unless you are certain it is what you want to do. If I had to redo this project, the only thing I would have did differently would be to add more ventricles and show the four-chambered aspect. First gather materials. Air-dry clay, paints, brushes, and maybe some sculpting tools.

Step 1:

First, use the clay and make the basic structure of a heart. Hollow out the bottom and make actually "walls".

Step 2:

Then, add the ventricles and arteries and veins. (Remember this might take a couple of days to actually get it the way you want it.)

Step 3:

After you have the heart and ventricles and veins the way you want, then let it dry for about a day or more depending on how thick the walls of the heart are.

Step 4:

Now after it has dried completely, it is time to start painting. You will need red and blue, blue for the oxygen-scarce blood and red for the oxygen-rich blood. My pictures show "fat" on the heart for the description of the obesity part, but this is not necessary for yours.

Step 5:

After the paint dries, you have a nice heart that is sure to pump some blood into people when they see the coolness of the heart model. 

Step 6:

Now remember, mine might look different from yours but you is to say one heart is better than the other, who knows I'm sure plenty of you out their could do way better. Just have fun creating a heart model, who knows one day you might need it to show others what the heart looks like.

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