Introduction: How to Make a Crossbow

You thought about how to make a crossbow?

Here you have plans, how to do this!

You need:

-Front car suspension and some metal.
-Thin lines
-Hammer, saw  and anvil 
-Drill bits, bolts, ect. 

Step 1: Crossbow Base and Bow

1. To crossbow base (min. 5x3x60) tighten arms of the arc, these which previously you equalized.

2. Make stirrup crossbow .

3. Weave thin lines (5 pieces) at one and assing on end arms of the arc.

Step 2: Trigger

Groove bearing for crossbow bolt to approx. 3/5 crossbow base.

At the end of that do the same in the drawing.

Step 3: Trigger Continued

With strong metal plate make trigger lock.

For trigger button will be used bolt asd woodden hoist.

Remember about small wodden blockade in down of the trigger.

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