Introduction: How to Make a Dramatic Video

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Ok to start with you need to watch this video as i will be using it as a reference in the rest of the instructable.

heres the link if the video doesn't play.

Step 1: Get Your Video Editor

Get video editor. Anyone works, there is probably one already on your computer like Window's Movie Maker or the Apple counterpart. Just remember that free ones are not the best ones and if you do buy one, quality usually goes up if the price goes up.

Step 2: Make a Cool Visual

Ok so now you want to make a cool and dramatic visual. What I made was the Earth rotating and turning red. You should have a very broad idea what the video will be about but not exactly what so choose something that fits in the broad spectrum.

After you make the Visual you want to find some dramatic music. The music I used was Steps from Hell by Thomas Bergersen. Just remember not to take credit for it and give the owner credit. So now put them both together in your editor

Step 3: Middle

Ok so at this point its gonna be pretty choppy and what you have so far will be kinda confusing. But now you decide exactly what the video is going to be about. Choose something that you can apply the dramatic scene. It might take a day or so for it to come to you.

Step 4: Intro

Great now that you got what it's about you want to make an introduction. Based off of your topic you want to find something that will capture the viewers attention and applies to the video topic. I used clips of audio from the news about modern events for example.

Step 5: Dramatic Video

This is going to be very dramatic and is going to really make the viewer think. You already got most of it down. Now just add one key sentence to it.

Step 6: Keep It Going

Keep the sentences going throughout until your point is stated.

Use a background or no background

Step 7: Finish It Off

Use one more dramatic scene, and if possible relate it back to the first one. Make it leave a lasting impression. Also place the last sentence on this scene.

Step 8: Clean It Up

Place each segment/scene accordingly to the music so that the music matches the video. What do I mean? I mean the climax of the video should line up with the climax of the song...ext. (look at my video for an example)

Step 9: Review It

1) Look for any mistakes

2)Produce it into a Video file

3)Look for any mistakes


5)produce it again

6)repeat until flawless


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