Introduction: How to Make a Dry Ice Bomb/ Dry Ice in Magnesium

We will tech you how to make a dry ice bomb/ dry ice in magnesium

Step 1: Supplies

First you will need for the dry ice bomb is:
1. Water bottle
2. 20 grams of dry ice
3. 2 liters of water
4. safety equipment
5. A safe place to do the experiment at
6. Goggles
8. Thick clothes

Step 2: Safety

I cant stress how important this is. Be very carefull when making them bomb becuase put the dry ice in the water to early is a very bad idea.

Step 3: Making the Bomb Step 1

first youll need is a bottle with a cap. 

Step 4: Making the Bomb Step 2

the  youll need 20 grams of dry ice. (it can be crushd or not)

Step 5: Making the Bomb Step 3

You will want to fill the bottle half way with water. 

Step 6: Making the Bomb Step 4

You will want to crush up the dry ice into a powder or put it in as chunks, or chose. 

Step 7: Making the Bomb Step 5

With a funal or anything of your chose to put the dri ice in the bottle as fast as possible. Put in the 20 grams of dry ice and put the cap on and back away from the bomb as fast as you can. Because when the bomb explodes there will be the cap and the plastic shrapnel everywere. 

Step 8: Dry Ice and Magnesium Supplies

You will need for this is..
1. a pound or so of dry ice
2. 3 inches of magnesium
3. a safe area to do the experiment: such as a pie pan will be perfect 
4. Safty equipment such as gogles, gloves, and long sleeve clothing
5. a tourch or a fire source of something
6. screw driver 

Step 9: Safety

You will want to were very warm gloves that will be warm enough to handle dry ice. Make sure that you are wering goggles because when you light the magnesium on fire there will be sparks and you do not want to get the sparks in your eyes. Make sure to were long sleeve shirt and pants. Be carefull when you are doing this experiment. 

Step 10: Making the Experiment Step 1

You will need the dry ice and your pie pan to do the experiment. And magnesium. 

Step 11: Making the Experiment Step 2

Take your dry ice and split it in halfso the two pieces match eachother. Then take your screw driver and make a half inch hole on both of your bricks of dry ice so when you put them on top of eachother it should make a one inch hole. 

Step 12: Making the Experiment Step 3

When finishes with step 2 you will take your 3 inches of magnesium and crumple it up so it is a inch long or smaller. Put the Magnesium in the half hole and take your torch or lighter to light the magnesium on fire. when the magnesium is on fire and making smoke and sparks put your other half of dry ice on top so the magnesium is trapped inside the one inch hole. Take a couple steps back and turn off the lights so you can enjoy the experiment all the way. Make sure to be carefull when you are doing this experiment.