Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Case for a Mp3 Player

with a screen protector

Step 1: Materials

you will need;

mp3 player
packaging tape
duct tape


hobby knife

Step 2: Screen Protector

wrap one layer of packaging tape around the mp3 player, sticky side out.

put some packaging tape on the packaging tape and tear it off. this will remove some of the gle. repeat until a section the size of the screen has no glue.

do the same for the controls

(sorry about the pics, my camera turned into a giant robot that anhiliated the galaxy. actually, no, I just dropped it )

Step 3: Now for the Duct Tape

put a strip of duct tape on the table and use the hobby knife to cut holes for the power and reset buttons, the headphone jack, and the usb slot.

put it on the player sticky side out and use various strips of duct tape to cover the sticky ones

Step 4: It's a Wrap

(sorry for the pun)

wrap the rest in duct tape (remember to put it inside out first, then inside in)

if you want the case to be removeable. carefully cut along the bottom so only one side is connected, and put a strip of duct tape over the cut