Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Hat

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In this project you learn how to make a duct tape flat bill hat. 

Step 1: Supplies for the Hat.

Items Needed:
-Xacto knife
-cutting board
-Construction paper

Step 2:

draw a line that is 10 cm long, then mark the center of the line. make a mark on that center line 16 1/2 cm high, then make a mark 9 1/2    cm high. From that 9 1/2 cm mark draw a line 4 cm out from both sides.

Step 3:

lay down pieces of duct tape long enough to fit the template then trace the template onto the non sticky side of the duct tape. Cut the shape out with the xacto knife. flip it over and cover that side with duct tape, and trim off the extra tape. Repeat this process 5 more times so that you are left with6 pieces 

Step 4:

Cut pieces 3 3/4in of duct tape the cut them in half, length wise. Stick them on half of the triangle pieces then stick another triangle piece on the sticky piece leaving a little space between the triangles, then put the other piece of duct tape on top of the sticky side of the piece that you just layer down. Repeat the process with all the triangles, then connect the ends so it makes a ring.

Step 5:

Flip hat over with little flaps facing down. Cut three inch pieces into thirds an apply them to the inside of the hat. Then flip it over and do the same to the outside.

Step 6:

take a piece of construction paper and cut 2 in by the length of the paper.fold them into thirds, then get a strip of duct tape a little bit longer the the paper, lay down the paper and cut slits in the duct tape so when you put it in the hat it doesn't crumple. Put the paper tape on the inside of the hat along the rim. Repeat three times all around the rim.

Step 7: Making the Bill

Take a piece of cardboard and trace out the outline of the bill of the hat. Cover the whole thing in the color of duct tape that you want. Then take 1 in strips and put them on the top of the bill that touches the hat. Cut slits into the 1 in strips and pull the up, but not off, and put the bill onto the hat. Do the same to the bottom. 

Step 8: Finished

You are done.

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